A Case for Risk

Risk, people of our generation that have grown up without knowing poverty seems to be especially averse to it. Perhaps it’s due to the lack of hardship, perhaps it’s due to the pampering of our loving parents, or perhaps it’s just the convenience of our technological advancement. Regardless of the reason, the younger generation do not like to take risks or challenge themselves, opting to take the easy route for simpler rewards.

I can attest to this with personal experiences. Just last weekend in a competition of over 2000 people, after 16 rounds of grueling matches I was ranked 43 and my opponent 48. Only those who makes it to top 64 can walk away with prize money. Unsurprisingly my opponent wanted to draw so we both can be in top 64. My thought at that moment was if I draw, yes it will be simple and I won’t risk losing and a possibility of being out of top 64, but by playing I have a chance to make more money, plus it’ll be a good learning experience.
In the end I won that match by a large margin and knocked my opponent out of top 64. Do I feel somewhat bad for denying someone an easy chance to make prize? Yes a little. However I believe he didn’t really deserve it if he isn’t prepared to lose the last round. Taking the easy way out will net people small rewards, but it will also deny them a valuable chance to grow. By opting to play, I felt I made the conscious decision to not back out and thus set a precedence for me to further challenge myself in the future. Besides, which story would be more interesting to tell my friends, that I drew into top 64 for some easy money, or that I mercilessly crushed some poor dude to secure a place in the top 32 for bigger prizes? I have a cynical reputation to uphold here as well…
Overall I think the most important point to take away here is, don’t be afraid to take challenges, don’t be afraid of change and try to explore all the possibilities. Many people would rather live in the city they were born in for their entire lives without moving because it’s “comfortable”, but are they really comfortable? Or is that just an illusion impressed upon them because they never lived anywhere else and therefore have nothing to make a comparison to? In this modern day and age where traveling is so much simpler, everyone should take advantage of the convenience and explore the world. We are becoming more and more globalized, we don’t need people who are afraid of change and challenge in this day and age, we need people who embrace them.

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