Update After a Million Years

Well… a million is kind of an exaggeration but after being on hiatus for over two years… you get the idea.

So why the sudden urge to come back to this desolate blog you ask? I don’t claim to know all the reasons (ironic since this is entirely voluntary) but I would say it’s a mix of boredom, the need to write, and the need to vent. A potent combination if nothing else. So hurra for me (and you, whoever you are).

I think I’ll try to write regularly on this blog again, no guarantees though. Persistence is a rare thing these days, with the so-called fast paced living style where instant gratification is king, not a lot of people are willing to put in the time and effort for anything that lasts longer than a week (guilty myself).

Why later?

A lot have changed in the past few decades. We’ve advanced from barely able to cross the oceans in months time to flying around the world in a day. Technology have enabled so many possibilities unthinkable to the previous generations. Imagine in the 1950s, if someone told you they were going across the ocean to another country, you’d probably assume to never see them again as they’re probably immigrating. Nowadays, if someone told you they’re across the ocean tomorrow, you’d probably assume they’re going on vacation. With the Internet, communication has never been easier. Gone are the days where letters were exchanged once a month, now emails are exchanged daily between people are the two ends of the globe in abandon. Our generation is probably the first to experience such unprecedented freedom, but we’re probably also the first generation to feel its enslaving effects.

So who’s walking who?

Recently I’ve noticed pictures similar to the one above popping up left and right, depicting our society being enslaved by social media and its cohorts. If you stop and think about it, it’s actually quite scary. Technology in the past half decade has slowly took over our lives. Gone are the days when an average white-collar worker will return home and relax by the fire place and read a book. Rarely can you now find anyone without any attachment to the Internet (I’m limiting my generalization to the “developed” nations… here comes the pitch forks from the politically correct…) and rarely can you find anyone in our generation who is not addicted to the Internet. In a way we are connected to each other now more than ever, and in the same way we cannot be further apart.

I think I’ll end this here (abruptly?) and continue exploring this topic again in the net post. Meanwhile if you want to see more interesting and thought provoking pictures, click here. In addition I highly recommend watching the Youtube video near the end. Ironic how it takes technology to inform people about the dangers of technology, isn’t it?


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